st was illuminated by sparks.

At the moment when the green fire was lit, many creatures in the forbidden forest looked up Toward the rising of the spark.

Albert’s adventure was worthwhile, and red sparks lit up above the forest.

Fred and George also realized that someone was coming to rescue themselves, so they fired red sparks to guide the professors 西安耍耍网 who rescued themselves Direction.

It’s a pity that the twins guessed wrong . It was not the professor in the school who came to rescue them, but their roommate and friend Albert Anderson.

At this moment, Albert also encountered some troubles, as he got deeper and deeper. In the forest, the number of eight-eyed giant

spiders encountered began to increase.

“Alanya Aite Secret!” With the sound of the spider’s retreat curse, a white light lit up again in the dark forest, and another spider was The curse flew, and fell to the ground and couldn’t get up anymore.

“Am I going to break into the spider’s nest?” Albert looked around the fallen eight-eyed giant spiders with unknown life and death. Muttered.

Along the way, Albert didn’t know how many eight-eyed giant

spiders he had flipped, 西安夜网论坛 and even he himself was too lazy to continue counting. The situation is not very optimistic, and there are often big spiders around without warning. To attack him, if it weren’t for the toothy alarm, Albert would have been eaten by the eight-eyed giant spider. The

eight-eyed giant spider is a fierce predator, and it is almost silent when it ambushes its prey.

After repeatedly confirming that there is no danger around, Albert once again fired green sparks into the sky. He felt that the distance between himself and the Weasley brothers should not be far.

Fang’s condition is also not very good, it can’t adapt to the Apparition, and walks up The road was a bit swaying.

After using Apparition several times in a row, Albert was uncomfortable. He vomited all the chocolate that he ate not long ago.

Now I 西安桑拿网 can keep my brain awake, thanks to the tenacity of his