ought that the mad woman was just an ordinary human trafficker, but now he began to feel that the water in it was getting deeper. Fortunately, there were no traces of themselves and Bai Xi, otherwise they would not know whether they were in the academy or in prison.

It just aroused Ye Qingxuan’s curiosity about the ten legends. Unfortunately, this curiosity was destroyed when reading the record of the naked man on the moonlit night.

In this record, the Avalon Police Department exhausted all means to investigate, and the following hypothesis was established.

Spy theory: This damn naked man is a Burgundian spy, intending to pass some information to his comrades by streaking. According to expert inference, the place where he appeared and the street he was running on was a pre-appointed signal. According to the 西安耍耍网meaning of cracking these codes, his comrades can grasp the secrets of Avalon’s royal family.

Fart, is the place where he appeared is only related to how much money he had in his pocket at the time, okay? The direction and street of his running depend on the person behind him who is chasing him for debts and pushing him to run

. There are even more phenomenology and illusions. In theory, many experts say 新西安夜网 that the moonlit night is a collective illusion, which represents the increasing pressure of the residents of Avalon and their desire to release. Some people say that the moonlit night is a mysterious natural phenomenon.

Some people even witnessed it with their own eyes. Before the moonlight naked man appeared, a mysterious flying dish with icy flashes appeared in the sky.

“Brother, take care.”

Ye 西安夜网论坛 Qingxuan put the book back with reluctance . In situ.

Soon, he was attracted by the most terrifying legend among the top ten legends, that is, the Ripper of the Whitechapel. It is said that this mysterious serial killer haunts the Whitechapel district, hunting those engaged in skin and flesh business, criminals, rumors, etc. in the dark.

The Avalon Police Department has been pursuing him all the