fessor, why bother in such a hurry? Why not have a chat?”

The man holding the cane made a voice. The voice had an elegant tone. It sounded gentle and calm, like advice from a friend.

The man wore a top hat, 西安夜生活网 propped his cane, and was well-dressed. With a polite smile on Junxiu’s face, he was full of hypocrisy and arrogance characteristic of Sicilian.

If this is the case, it is not enough to make the homeless scream.

But behind the young man was a group of thugs holding sharp knives and iron bars. Those burly men didn’t know when they appeared in the alley, silently. Those eyes were gloomy, full of jealousy and ferocious, looking at him with a mocking 西安桑拿网 smile, just like looking at a clown.

In the entire Avalon, only this group of thugs will have such a distinctive dress.

Those guys are all Sicilian!

The “black, black, mafia”

hobo finally reacted, screaming as if he had seen a ghost. As the young man let go, he slumped on the ground and crawled backward: “Me, me, me” The

young man had no interest 新西安夜网 in what he was doing. He just waved his hand to signal him to get out. The tramp crawled backwards on the ground in horror, and when he climbed far, he held up the wall and ran away without looking back.

He didn’t even dare to ask for money orders and money that fell on the ground.

In the alley, only the professor surrounded by the mob remained, and the young man leading the mob.

“It seems that I am surrounded?” The

professor 西安耍耍网 didn’t realize that he had been surrounded just now, just staring at the group of bad-meaning’friends’.

“Meeting for the first time. Professor. I am the second son of the Russo family. You can call me Lorenzo. Palermo’s eagle-Lorenzo.” The

young man stroked his chest in a gentleman manner, but watch When Professor Xiang, his eyes were full of mockery: “It’s just that.西安夜生活第一论坛网 The legendary’venomous snake’ jumped into someone else’s trap unconsciously. It’s really unexpected.”

“Lorenzo? Is Shuerzi’s son .” ? ”

under the hood, professor looked young, like a long anticipated:”.. your sp