ng Meeting Medland Glory Calendar August 23rd, 1379.

On the soft big bed, with his feet resting on the pillows, Joe with his head at the end of the bed suddenly 西安夜网论坛 opened his eyes.

After a drunk last night, under the siege of Chief Stein, Major General Doron, and a group of officers and police officers, Joe, who had been drinking so much since he was a child, finally got down.

“How did I get back?” Joe rubbed his sore eyes vigorously, and got up from the bed with difficulty and care.

“A group of men sent you back” Laplace’s shrill voice sounded in his mind: “Congratulations, Blush. From a small and unknown character, you finally have a little achievement. ”

ranging from Joe openings, Rapp continued Rashid shouted:” Congratulations to become the director of Loew Kong Branch, congratulations promotion but when you can make a fortune of it Oh, oh, I have here a mountain of knowledge, already can not wait.? Now!”

“Can’t wait? You can give me some useful 新西安夜网 knowledge first.” Joe immediately followed Laplace’s words.

“No money, no chance, even if you are flushed it?” Rapp Rashid Kaka Lo chuckle: “But I’m looking forward to our future trading post town of Lufkin, that’s a good place.”

Rapp Rashi disappeared and stopped speaking.

Joe opened the curtains in the bedroom and was shocked to find that it was pitch black outside. He woke up too early. After opening up the sea of ??power, his physique was strengthened. Even if he was drunk last night, he just slept. It took two or three hours to wake up.

Joe looked back at the familiar bedroom. The three large bottles that the Grimace shopkeeper gave him yesterday are now upright on the small table next to the bed.

Looking at the three wine bottles, Joe looked at the sky outside the window again. He poured a cup of potion and poured it down, then curled up on the ground, his body in a weird twisted posture, his breathing became heavy and long.

In the basic breathing method of the Imperial Army, there are dynamic and static power, and static power a