his important discovery in the “Inconceivable” magazine.”

“Congratulations . Professor Smith.” Albert said with a smile.

“No, no, congratulations, Anderson, 西安耍耍网you have a credit for this too.” Professor Smith said with a smile, “This is the way you came up with it, without you, I can’t find this secret. So, I’m going to write your name on it too.”

“No need to be a professor, this is your work.” Albert shook his head and refused: “If you think you are taking advantage of me , You can teach me some useful spells or alchemy.”


“This…” The look on Smith’s face was a bit weird, and he nodded and said, “Your alchemy level can only be considered average, but I can be here. Let me help you a little bit.”

“That’s great,” Albert said. “It’s a shame that Hogwarts didn’t teach alchemy.”

“This subject needs a relatively high starting point.” Smith explained: “In the UK, there are not many people who value alchemy, and the books on alchemy in the Hogwarts Library are useless. Generally, you need to wait for you to study 西安夜生活第一论坛网 slowly after graduation.”

He suddenly said: “I still intend to fill in your name.

It is not a good idea to swallow others’ results.” Albert was very surprised, but he decided not to refuse Professor Smith.

“Yes, I just heard you want feed ban child? said what secret treasures? “Professor Smith suddenly 西安夜生活论坛 frowned and warned,” this is not a good idea, the forbidden forest is dangerous, and do not be fooled to what a treasure map. ”

” the amount , I know.” Albert

said . “What did Mr. Weasley say?” Professor Smith asked suspiciously.

“Last semester, Fred and George were fooled into the woods with a treasure map. I will let them dispel this idea and won’t be fooled again.” Albert said briefly.

“That’s good.” Smith nodded, “although not dangerous Forbidden Forest periphery, but deep very dangerous, not silly to risk, regardless of a few lives lost enough.”

“I know, I go first. “Albert said hello to Professor Smith. When he was about to leave, he suddenly turned his head and asked