countless black wizards.

In the Order of the Phoenix, even if his combat effectiveness is not ranked first, it is 西安夜生活第一论坛网 still in the forefront.

Sirius believed that the main reason why he was easily caught earlier was because he did not have a magic wand in his hand.

The next words of Ivan defeated Sirius’ self-confidence.

“How many dark wizards can you solve at once? Three? Five? Ten? What if they have dozens of them? What do you do with them?” Ivan asked.

Sirius was speechless. He didn’t expect that there would be so many enemies 新西安夜网 that he might face. He was already very strenuous facing three or five black wizards at the same time, and even risked defeat.

No matter how much, he is more inclined to avoid it for the time being…

“There are so many enemies?” Sirius was speechless, and the Auror who worked in the Ministry of Magic had just over a hundred people. He thought his opponent was just some powerful black wizard.

“You better prepare for this!” Ivan is also not sure what will happen next, but he doesn’t want Sirius to be too careless.

Sirius saw that Ivan was not joking, so he didn’t just persuade him blindly, but asked about Ivan’s follow-up actions in detail.

Ivan didn’t mean to conceal, he told his bait plan again, and then handed over the ten magic wands he had confiscated, and asked Sirius to choose a suitable 新西安夜网 one.

These wands were obtained from the black-robed wizards who attacked the magic shop.

It is worth mentioning that, for some reason, he did not find Aysia’s wand on the scene.

While Sirius was choosing the wand, Ivan drank the compound soup, which tasted very uncomfortable, like an expired thick soup.

After a while, Ivan’s figure continued to elongate and deform, and when he looked in the mirror, he found that he was exactly the same as the young wizard who was killed by him with snake eyes.

Ivan used the Transfiguration Charm to make his clothes fit better, and instructed Dobby and Sirius not to follow him too closely, so as not to be suspected.

After spea